Being born from an MSP matters!

Last week, the call went out in a peer group that our MSP belongs to:

“Looking for a vCIO job description”

That’s something we can answer!  Our MSP business has been working in this space for a few years, and getKambium exists because we couldn’t find the tools we needed, so we built them!

We found ourselves answering the question in an online meeting.  Thanks to the viewer who commented “This is a meeting I attended yesterday afternoon with an MSP from New Zealand where they discussed their roles and process around delivering effective QBRs, as well as their IT Management as a Service offering that I’ve never heard of anyone doing before –

They sell separate contracts for MSP services, Cybersecurity services, and ITMaaS services. During the presentation he said something that I’ve heard from others recently, and that is traditional MSP services are being commoditized by large players in the space and that the real value we should be offering clients is IT Leadership, Strategy, Management, Governance, etc. These are all things that we  try and do under our traditional MSP agreement.

I think it’s worth a listen during your drive time or fly time! The presentation is roughly 30 minutes and then 15 min of Q&A.”

We couldn’t say it better ourselves!